Rabu, 30 Januari 2013


Fabulously... our RETROCAR SEMARANG  team, Firza-Bintang-Tyo has won the drag racing on 12sec class....
"Wes Tuo Ndaa!! also meaning "Old Brooo!!" has defeated "young" opponent... (read : 90's car or newer)

No ordinary decals.. wkwkwkwk

DX vs Estilo

Kamis, 29 November 2012


Yippieee.... another retrocar event... dont miss this one.... will be an extraordinary retrocar meeting

Informasi Event dapat menghubungi:

SL Neverdie-Rudy Kevin: 087770236356.

TRC Tangerang-Er Be: 082123641351.
IDCC CHARMANT-Hadianto Wanto: 082125570972.
DATSUN Jakarta-Enduro: 085693833854.

KPMK-Jefry: 085693105758.
ARC-Koko: 085715222766.
OS Bandung-DJDewo: 0818439998.
TRIPLE C-Anto: 02192360859.
DX Bogor-Atieq: 081399559957.
DX Bandung-Syaiful: 08157147025.
BCC-Bandung-Agiet: 085220114410.
SARS Sukabumi -Ade Irman: 08156303623.
RetroGALANT-Arie: 082111289818.
DCB Bandung-Rachadi: 08562159432.
Retrocar Semarang-Susatyo: 081227492922.
CRC-Benny Dado: 087876682012. 

Atau Sekretariat JRF 
Iman Sumarah: 08128085172
Ferdie Verdian :081210009819.

Pugoeh pigpigpow: 08151854075

Minggu, 25 November 2012

Upholding Brotherhood

On 16th November 2012, Our brother SL Neverdie Indonesia visiting Kendal and taking the time to come to our base RETROCAR SEMARANG.
Here proves that between SL Neverdie and Retrocar Semarang have a strong relationship.
According to our motto, that we loves and supported retrocar whatever it is.......

"I hope this brotherly relationship will last forever" gooo retrooooo.......



Selasa, 06 November 2012


Compact car for small family.... with its amazing economical efficiency and agile movement.....










Very few reference modification for this car, because not much retro enthusiast using this charade.
Is quite comfortable city car in my opinion....
Who else would dare to modify? Send your photo email to kendiretro@gmail.com


Rabu, 31 Oktober 2012

Galant Sigma Retro Reference

check this out......





Selasa, 16 Oktober 2012

Galant Sigma, dare to be different?

Retro people rarely playing with this car, why?? i also do not know the answer. but i think this car is very good looking. look at some examples below.
Indonesia also have a club that represent Galant Sigma click Retro Galant

for another reference please sent me your email in a comment...

for modification reference, i will discuss it next week. Wait ya

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